Clinical Registers® platform was born to promote and assist local, national and international clinical and pre-clinical data collection and analysis.

The primary aim of Clinical Registers® is to help researchers with sharing data and knowledge, in common and peculiar fields of the clinical and pre-clinical research. This is possible only through a tailored, always available and easy to use data registering system.
The service will guarantee a safe data storage and a rigorous quality check of the information registered. A dedicated web master will help and give suggestions to those users that need projecting a database.
The platform will also assure the possibility to continue follow-up and data inserting for long-time periods.
Our team will follow and assist researchers, through a tailored multimedia advertising system, in reminding dates and a punctual follow-up.

The development of a structured register represents the cornerstone of any scientifically based effort to improve ongoing systems and to find out innovative answers to unsolved questions.

It will be an honour for our team to assist you in building your new research register.
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