Terms of Use


  • register: specific database that enables quick and easy data storage by doctors/researchers with a storage profile, according to indices specified by the party who owns the database.
  • storage profile: database that can be accessed using a personal and non-transferable username and password, enabling the doctor/researcher to enter and store the medical records of their own patients, file them and produce a data entry report in a specific register.

You have hereby requested to be registered at Clinical Registers®, a platform that aims to promote the creation of web-based clinical registers to enable data storage, the performance of clinical trials and dissemination of scientific knowledge.
In accordance with Article 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and subsequent amendments, we would like to inform you that, by registering at this website, you are requesting the Personal Data of your patients and related medical records to be included in Clinical Registers®, an electronic database for medical records whose Controller and Owner is WSES (World Society of Emergency Surgery). These data are voluntarily disclosed by and accessible to the doctor/researcher with verified credentials and refer to his/her patients exclusively. These data will be protected, electronically processed and used by WSES for the following purposes:

  1. management of the registration at the Clinical Registers® site of data related to the medical records of patients treated by you;
  2. storage of the same for the analysis, evaluation and scientific publication to be undertaken exclusively by you in reference to your patients;
  3. other doctors are not allowed to the access medical records of patients not treated by them.
  4. use of clinical data (excluding confidential data) for research/publications and studies by doctors/researchers who are owners of specific registers.

In any case, no “sensitive” data will be communicated to third parties, as defined in Article 4 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 (for example, information on health status).
The submission of Personal and Medical Data included in the records of patients treated by you, although optional, is strictly for operational purposes and necessary to enable the process described above, and therefore potential refusal to supply all or part of this data will make it impossible to access the Clinical Registers® site.

You undertake to have all patients asked to be included in the study and at the Clinical Registers® site to sign the appropriate Information Note and provide the related consent

Your consent, expressed in accordance with the provisions of this paragraph, can always be revoked. WSES, where possible, will inform you of successful revocation by sending a message to the email address provided by you.

You explicitly release WSES from any civil or criminal liability for missing authorisation from relevant medical and ethical authorities in relation to the performance of the clinical trial and the use of sensitive data of patients treated by you.

Storage profile and the possibility of registry creation

If need be, any doctor/researcher can arrange with Clinical Registers® for the creation of a register at Clinical Registers® with the specific purpose of data collection/publication.
No doctor/researcher who requests the activation of a register at Clinical Registers® has access to other registers present at Clinical Registers® and registered in the name of other doctors/researchers, unless he/she possesses a storage profile for entering data in another pre-existent register. In this case, he/she will be able to display the data entered by him/her only in the register where he activated the storage profile.